Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Store Location Services
We offer this free store location service to aid you in finding places to get your discs repaired. We do not however offer any guarantees regarding the disc repair services, or disc trade-in services offered by the independent businesses listed on this website.

Cost of Disc Repair
The cost will differ from store to store. There is no set price and stores could charge anything from £1 to £5 to repair a disc, depending upon how damaged the disc is. Some store will offer quantity discounts. We recommend you ask a store for their pricing before you go down there.

Speed of Repair
Most disc repair machines only take a few minutes to run a repair, so you should be able to have your repair done while-you-wait. But if a store is particulary busy, they may ask you to retunr a little later to collect.

Quality of Disc Repairs
The quality of the disc repair you receive will depend upon the machine that the store is using and how bad the damage is in the first place. All of our disc repair machines provide an ‘as-new’ condition, but under detailed inspection some processing marks may be seen.

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What happens if the store loses or damages my disc?
In the event of loss or damage to your property, it will be at the discretion of the store manager as to whether you are offered compensation. Please be aware that an already faulty disc not being repaired by the procedure does not constitute as damage.

What if the repair doesn’t fix the disc?
There is no guarantee that a disc repair will restore the playability of a disc, the disc repair can only polish the scratches away from the shiny surface. If a disc repair has been performed and the disc still does not play, then the problem is likely to be damage to the data. The disc repair does not interfere with the data at all, so a disc repair cannot be the cause of damaged data.

Will a store replace a disc if it still doesn’t play?
A disc repair does not come with a disc replacement warranty, so if the disc does not play after the repair the store is not required to replace the disc. Some stores my refund the cost of the repair if it does not manage to restore the playign function, but this is at the discretion of the individual store manager.