Repairing Blu-ray Discs

Repairing Blu-ray Discs

Most of the disc repair machines we provide our customers are capable of repairing Blu-ray, so most of the stores found on this website will be able to repair your Blu-ray discs. It will be marked on their store page.

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What’s Different About Blu-ray Discs?

Repairing a scratched Blu-ray disc is slightly different than repairing a DVD or CD because of the location of the data layer in Blu-ray discs.

The shiny surface on a Blu-ray has a 0.1mm hard coating, underneath that is the data layer. The hard coating protects the disc from scratches, but is not impenetrable. In a DVD, the data layer is protected by a much thicker 0.6mm soft plastic layer allowing much more scope for disc repair processes.

The hard coating is much harder than the rest of the plastic disc, but not impenetrable and if disc repair processes can either be too coarse that they tear the layer off, or too weak to even polish the surface away.


* The Blu-ray disc have a hard coating applied to them