Disc Repair Machines

Disc Repair Machines

What do they do?

They graudally polish away thin layers of plastic from the shiny side of an optical disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray etc), to remove scratches so it can play normally again.

The process usually involves some form of abrasion, either in the form of abrasive pads or abrasive polish.

Disc Repair Tray

How much do they cost?

Professional units start from around £500 and can go as high as £15,000 for an automated desktop solution. Generally, for around £1,500 you can purchase a professional machine capable of around 80 repairs/day.

There are cheap units that are either hand-driven, or battery-powered but they offer very little in the way of results as they do not offer the sort of power and finish required to do a good job.

Professional solutions are mains powered and use high quality parts and supplies to provide excellent results, they are designed for retail environments as a money-making tool.

Disc Repair Machines

Where can I get one?

Total Disc Repair are the UK’s leading disc repair machine supplier. We supply machines to shops and businesses in the highstreet and online. 

Disc repair machine owners can offer a repair service to the public as a source of revenue, but the most money is made in buying and trading in pre-owned games. With a professional machine you can resell a top-quality pre-owned product at a price that customers love.

Visit: totaldiscrepair.co.uk
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